• Log Cabin Eagle Scout Restoration


    The Log Cabin Eagle Scout Project

    Driving by the Calhoun County Museum in Rockwell City, you'll notice a tiny 10'X12' log cabin sitting in the front yard.  Imagine living in this unique structure, which was built in 1915 as the home for the first instrumental music instructor of the Lake City High School.  Inside, there is a fireplace for heating and cooking and a platform that folded down from the wall to serve as either table or bed. How long it was used as a home is unclear, but it became a popular club house and play house for the youth of Lake City.  It was offered up for preservation by the owners of the property in Lake City, and carefully raised and moved 15 miles to the museum grounds.  

    After a few years, during which time plans were discussed, Colin Johnson offered to make the restoration his Eagle Scout Project.  Colin's parents, fellow boy scouts, and scout masters are helping complete Colin's plans to bring the cabin back to its original state.  This historical cabin sits not far from the site where the first log cabin built in the area was located--the area that eventually became Rockwell City.

    During your visit to the museum, be sure to take time to view the cabin and learn about its unique history.

    July 1, 2018
    Colin Johnson is nearing his completion of the restoration of the historic 100+ year old log cabin which sits in front of the museum. It’s been quite an undertaking for this young man to achieve his Eagle Scout Rank and he is doing fantastic work. Brick by brick – layer by layer, the fireplace and chimney are currently rising under the expert guidance of Paul Henry. Stop and take a look at this unique piece of history as Colin brings it back to life!

    July 29, 2018
    It was a perfect day as many guests gathered to honor Colin Johnson on the completion of his Eagle Scout project.  The board members would like to congratulate and thank Colin, the scout leaders, fellow scout members and the volunteers for the countless hours that went into this project. The museum is excited to have this wonderful exhibit for display.