• Train Room

  • In the spring of 2017, what was a modest model train display within a room partitioned by numerous fixed walls and obstacles is being transformed into an exciting city of trains. With the removal of walls, the city has been expanded into two layouts. One display replicates a typical rural city of Iowa’s past using three scale models: HO, O27, and O gauge.  The working model allows for more than one train to run simultaneously on tracks around and through the city of houses, businesses, streets and across a river to a grain complex. Another display will support HO trains with various landscape styles. Signs and murals have been decorating the walls, along with shelves of railroad memorabilia. The planned scale replica of the front of the old Milwaukee depot of Rockwell City will give the room that special touch. 

    Gary Thompson, Don Brownlee, Jerry Green and Dale Gentry have devoted a full morning each week for over a year, to bring this room to life. That, along with their donations of model trains and accessories, will help this become one of the many special rooms in the museum. A variety of railroad related programs through the year – including a special Christmas display – are being planned. If you have model trains and/or accessories to donate to this project, the crew would be more than happy to incorporate them into this on-going, ever-growing project!