• 1st FLOOR

  • The first floor of the Calhoun County Historical Museum is filled with so many interesting things that you may want to plan an entire visit just to explore it. Think of this, the museum formerly was a fully functional High School. Think of all the rooms and the size of those rooms. Now imagine EVERY ROOM filled with interesting historical items! The hallways are also lined with extraordinary displays!

    Here is an overview of what you can see on the First Floor - Indian Artifacts, Hat Room, Civil War Quilt, 1800 room, Photography Room, Tribute to Farnhamville Room, Tribute to Communities in Hallway, Period Clothing,Collections of many kinds, including Mickey Mouse, Salt and Pepper Shakers (1425 unique pairs), fine China, antique dolls, and taxidermy birds.

    The first floor is also the home of our Bee Hive Gift Shop.

    Remember, our facility is handicap accessible!

  • Features of First Floor

    1800 room

    Farnhamville Bank

    Photo room showing pictures of early Twin lakes, area people, and old portrait cameras

    1425 pairs of salt and pepper shakers

    Mickey Mouse collection

    Taxidermy birds

    China collection