• 2nd FLOOR

  • Moving up to the Second Floor we find an amazing variety of displays! We have a 1900's Room, Music Room, Worship Room, One Room School, and a Military Room for a start. There is a large library packed with interesting historical volumes and Iowa publications. In the hallways you will find displays of doll heads, cameras, and quilts.

    The front service window and post office boxes from the original Jolley Post Office is on display.

    There is a Rockwell City Alumni Room and a Sports room.

    Why not plan a visit! Remember, our facilities are handicap accessible.


  • Features of Second Floor

    Library area

    Lawyer’s office

    Genealogy information


    children’s toys

    Military from the Civil War to present

    1900 room

    Music room

    Alumni room

    One-room school house room

    Jolly post office and class photos

    Sports display