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The Library

Unique difficult to find collections

The shelves of former Rockwell City High School Library are once again filled with books. In addition to the many classic novels, the library at the Calhoun County Museum has several unique collections that would be difficult to find elsewhere. We’ve complete sets of these Iowa publications dating into the 1920’s:

The Palimpsest

The Annals of Iowa

The Iowan

Enjoy the special editions of The Des Moines Register, The Saturday Evening Post, National Geographic or study the agricultural practice guidelines of the early 1900’s as suggested by Iowa State University.

Like many others who step into the library for a “quick look”, you’ll be surprised how much time you’ve spent exploring the shelves before moving on to the next display!


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Museum is open Sundays 1:30 – 4 P.M. from May 5, through September 29, or to set up an appointment, call 515-570-8991.

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