• Lower Level

  • Our lower level, or "mall" as we call it is set up to give you a taste of businesses from the past in Calhoun County.

    Perhaps you don't care to go to the dentist or doctor. Well, after checking out the equipment in our historical Dentist and Doctor's offices, you may decide that it isn't so bad after all! We even have an articulated wooden leg on display.

    We also have a beauty shop area, optometrist, and sweet shop display.

    Think shopping at your local grocery is fun? Take a look at our replica mercantile store and imagine getting your various parcels wrapped in brown paper and string! Reusable shopping bags didn't just start a few years ago!

    We also have a nice display of various tools in the hall at this level.

  • Features of the Lower Level

    Dentist office

    Two doctors offices with artifacts

    A beauty shop / barber shop

    Optometrists  office

    The House of Sweets

    A general store