• Pioneer Days 2018

  • “Who’d like to plant corn, make butter, and use telephone operators like our grandparents did over 100 years ago?”   The students attending the Calhoun County Museum’s annual Pioneer Day were fascinated by a look into the “old-fashioned” way of doing things, and loved the chance to experience a “hands-on” visit.  Wednesday, May 2, over 70 students and teachers from the Manson-Northwest Webster sixth grade arrived for a morning visit, and in the afternoon another 70 from South Central Calhoun fifth grade came.

    Students were divided into groups and filled the hallways and rooms of the former Rockwell City High School with laughter, chatter, and questions.  The museum’s board members and volunteers kept groups moving through learning centers highlighting rope-making, model trains, corn planting & harvesting, country school, telephones, button collections, fancy hats, tiny hay-balers, butter making & tasting, and a trip outside to peek in the very small cabin once lived in by a school teacher in Lake City.

    An overall tour of the museum for each group showed them that there were many reasons to bring their families back for a longer stay, where they could investigate the toy room, beauty shop, dental and medical offices, and more!  

    The students left for their buses with sweet treats, souvenir pencils, and the wish they could have stayed longer.  The museum volunteers agreed the students had been a pleasure to have, and enjoyed the enthusiasm and curiosity they showed.  For over 20 years Pioneer Day has been a highlight, and we look forward to planning for next year’s visit already!

    The museum board members and volunteers enjoyed having the students visit.  The following are some of the comments the students made:
    "The trains were the most exciting"
    "The country school was awesome"
    "I liked the eye doctor, the dentist and the drug store on the tour"
    "I liked how to make a rope and how to make butter"
    "I thought it was fun to shell corn"
    "I liked when we learned how they used to plant stuff" (crops)
    "I liked to look at all of the buttons"
    "My favorite part was the little cabin"
    "I liked when you made the miniature bales, that was cool"
    "I really liked the phones.  I tried to dial my number and it wasn't that easy"
    "I've always enjoyed learning about the past, so I really had a great time"
    "It was very fun and I would like to come back"
    "I had a blast!"

    Photos courtesy of Seth Stamp, senior at South Central Calhoun